Its the year 2169, and life is changing more into world of science and all across the world the goverments are pushing for the advancement of space and robotics. In the past 15 years there have been thousands of scientists that have tryed to come up with an asinine amount of devices that they call technology… but what do they really know there just a bunch of overpayed dumb asses. i will say that there failing was one of the bigger stepping stone that was needed for poeple to push for the next phase of science. the first was Sargent,Verddun who made a core hydraulic system structure which made the first mobile suit that was bigger than the stucture of a human body. The next was Claire,La Roux which made an outer shell of aircraft armor that was able to withstand even a bombardment from tanks and was yet still flexible to shape around an object like clay. After a little bit. it was Angelica,Terza and Raimondo,Maurizio co-produced a weapons system and orbital tactics system that would make the user able to go from land battle to space in a blink of an eye. finally there was Ralph,Ward who put the final piece of the puzzle together and made up a cockpit for the use of mobile suits and put the last 15 years of strugglng advancement into the history books. then into the hands of the military.

So once this was all brought to the attention of the public a varity machines were popping up everywhere and secrect groups were investing into Illegal operations and manufacturing of mobile suits but when the suits started to malfuntion other means where sote out to deliver the right product. they to grab poeple off streets and made them test the prototypes and the odds of you living was about 1 in a 1,000. they also started to steal and sell sceintist to the highest bidder. shortly there after all this is happening a great civil war breaks out amongst the people and so this is were we start are little story.

end of the road for life